History Of Meyer Road Singapore

Meyer road was named after Manasseh Meyer, a Jewish businessman whose contributions towards the society turned out to be his legacy. One of the most recognized being that he built a synagogue. He lived between the year 1846-1930. Manasseh Meyer got his education from India, Calcutta and ended up relocating to Singapore in 1851 at only 15 years of age. In Singapore, he established himself while in his uncles’ company, Joshua brothers. This phase was very instrumental as it aided in the establishment of his own company the Meyer brothers. After acquiring further education in India, he returned to Singapore in the year 1871, where he launched an export-import the company, the Meyer brothers. The company turned out to be a success by being the largest local exporter and importer. Meyers sons took over the company.

He later went ahead to gain several properties within Singapore, including; Adelphi hotel, the Sea View Hotel located on Meyer road, Meyer mansions and the Killiney house. The Killiney house was eventually used as the family house. Manasseh Meyer later became a commissioner; however, this did not work out well since his knowledge on real estate meant little to the commissioner job. This led to his appointment as a member of the committee on currency. He also helped acquire and reserve land for the rapidly growing Indian population. In addition, he contributed large sums of money during the World War so as to support the British government.

Political History of Meyer Road District 15

Looking at the politics that came along with Meyer road district 15, we find that the widely known Katong park rested on fort road, which ran between the East coast parkway and Meyer road. During the pre-war ages, the famous Katong park was used as a fort house. In the park, were tunnels which all led to different directions. The fort was directly facing the sea. This was very essential as it prevented the Island from any potential attacks. However, later on, we see that the British discovered the fort and completely buried it in the year 1901.

As the years went by, Katong park was recreated, and so was the fort. However, later in 1963, there was an explosion at the park. This was the period Singapore confronted Indonesia. The bomb blast was so loud that it shattered glass from the Ambassador hotel that was situated along Meyer road. This incident gave rise to a nickname little India, due to the presence of a large Indian community that resided in the area. There as well other landmarks that were situated on Meyer road, including the Katong park hotel, which was initially known as the Duke hotel, or rather the Ambassador hotel. There are other places that are renamed after Manasseh Meyer, however, Meyer road district 15 stands out.

Meyer road is located in Singapore. In the modern world, the road has turned out to be a residential district. In addition, the road that runs all along from Tanjong Rhu to Katong road has gone ahead to house condos or rather apartments. Meyer road goes ahead to extend from the city all the way to Changi international airport.